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epa07938698 The logo of Taiwan's Justice Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan, 21 October 2019. On 21 October, Taiwan's Justice Minister Tsai Ching-hsiang said Hong Kong has the priority and the duty to prosecute murder suspect Chan Tong-kai, and Taiwan can provide judicial cooperation. Chan, a Hong Kongnese, allegedly killed his girl friend Poon Hui-wing when they were visiting Taipei in 2018. Chan was arrested in Hong Kong and Taiwan tried in vain to extradite him as Hong Kong does not have an extradition pact with Taiwan. Chan's case prompted Hong Kong to try to sign an extradition bill with China, but it triggered mass protests as many Hong Kong people feared that they could be arrested and deported to China for criticising Beijing. Chan recently asked to be deported to stand trial in Taiwan. Taiwan leaders said Hong Kong's wanting to deport Chan to Taiwan could be a political plot designed by China and Taipei does not want to fall into the trap, so Chan should stand trial in Hong Kong. EPA/DAVID CHANG

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대학캠퍼스 뒤덮은 홍콩 시위..전쟁터처럼 과격한 충돌
트럼프 대통령 연설 기대감에..뉴욕증시 소폭 상승 출발
방사성 요오드 치료 뒤 임신 "6개월 지나서 하세요"
"비뇨기계 수술, 암덩어리 제거에 그치지 않고 性기능도 회복"
수능날, 아침과 도시락은 평소 즐겨먹던 음식으로
폐렴, 12월에 환자수 최다.. 소아·고령자 특히 유의